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Topic Title: Bombshell document confirms Navy Admiral was denied access to UFO crash retrieval program
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Created On: 10/27/2019 06:15 AM
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 10/27/2019 06:15 AM
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Very interesting! The "Meeting Notes" were found in Edgar Mitchell's files after his death.

While my wife was in the AF, she worked for some General officers at Langley who were involved in this stuff (she was cleared for their desks!). One day, she was upset about "something" that happened, was happening, or was otherwise going to happen, and she asked what the President was going to do/say? She was sternly told that the President was a civilian and that the President WAS NOT cleared. Her "walking" clearance was TS Nuclear but, her "working" clearance was what the conspiracy folks would call "D-5/Majestic". At home one night, while watching a movie about the Roswell crash on the SiFi channel it got to a scene where Forestal is at Wright Pat inspecting bodies/debris for President Truman, , , , , out of the blue, she says "I've been there. I've been in the "weirdo room" at Wright Pat!" Shit my pants. I did not ask, and she never said another word about it.

Oh, and as an aside in regard to the "Tic Tac" videos, one of her old CIA type friends says that the "Tic Tac" is as real as it gets!! There may be those who are completely "read in" and know what is going on but, on the other hand there are plenty of those who ARE NOT "read in" and who would otherwise be ready to scream "Fire" in a crowded theater, , , , , but, and as such, they are remaining silent!

Oh and, , , , , again, I just now had the opportunity to talk with two people this morning who are/have been VERY, VERY, high up in our "space programs". The one of them told me that I am pretty spot on in regard to my comments above about those who have hopefully been "read in" versus those who have not been "read in". They said that "Tic Tac" kind of things are coming-and-going all the time but, for the Government to issue the videos and comment in regard to the reality of them is a very big "Jesus Christ, WTF" kind of moment.



The transcript of a conversation between a US Navy Vice Admiral and a leading scientist discussing a failed attempt to gain access to a highly classified program involving a crashed extraterrestrial craft has been recently released online. The conversation took place on October 16, 2002, and involved the retired Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Vice Admiral Thomas Wilson, speaking with Dr. Eric W. Davis, a scientist working on the feasibility of exotic propulsion systems with EarthTech International, an advanced technology think tank established in Austin, Texas.

In the 15 page document comprising the transcript, summary notes and an accompanying letter, Davis describes what Wilson told him about an April 10, 1997 "briefing" where he (Wilson) received information from former Apollo astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell and Dr. Steven Greer (founder of the Disclosure Project) about a classified UFO program that they had codeword information about. At the time, Wilson was a Rear Admiral (upper class); Deputy Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency; and Vice Director for Intelligence (VJ2), for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, a position he held from November 1994 to September 1997.

When Wilson inquired into the program's existence from a regulatory body created for Special Access Programs, he learned it involved a corporate Research and Development effort involving a retrieved extraterrestrial craft but was denied access by three corporate officials working for a major US aerospace contractor.

The 1997 briefing was first publicly discussed by Greer and his associate Shari Adamiak only a month after it occurred and was corroborated by Mitchell over a decade later. In a May 1997 interview with Art Bell on Coast to Coast AM Greer said:

Joint Chiefs of staff level fellow that I briefed while I was in Washington about a month ago ... After he looked at all this and heard the witness, he turned to us and said: 'Well I have no doubt this is true but I am horrified that I hadn't known about it'...Because of his position. And very, very senior ... I can't say who it was but a very, very senior position...And then they begin to come to grips with well: 'Who the hell does know about it, what is going on here?' And then they become frighten[ed].

Years later, Greer released a National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) document containing code words and locations that sparked Wilson's failed attempt to gain access to the classified UFO program. In a workshop Greer explained the NRO document's contents and what happened when Wilson investigated it:

"It's the National Reconnaissance Office document. .....The reason it's important is not so much for its content... ..... Take note of the distribution list, please. ..... .......'Blue Fire', which is a code name, 1991, Commander's Net, Royal Op's, Cosmic Op's...so, cosmic clearance...you've heard of this? It's not a myth. It's real. Maj Op's, MAJI...It's MAJIC Op's. It goes through a whole bunch of them...Nellis Division, all these code numbers and you get down to some really interesting things. ... this secret document went to the admiral [Admiral Tom Wilson] prior to our meeting, and he actually recognized one of these entities and made an inquiry, and it was being run by a contractor. ..... And the contractor...one of these corporate contractors...when he called them up, he said, 'I'm Admiral Tom Wilson...at that time he was Head of Intelligence for the Joint Chiefs of Staff... I want to be read into this project.' Guess what happened? They said, 'Sir, you don't have a need to know.' This is the guy who's supposed to give the intelligence briefings for the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the United States. He was told, 'You don't have a need to know'... and Admiral Wilson said, 'Goddamn it, if I don't have a need to know, who does?' They said, 'Sir, we cannot discuss this with you further' and they hung up and blocked his line. This all happened before the stand-up meeting I did for [him with] Edgar Mitchell...6th man to walk on the moon...myself, my military adviser, and a few other people met with the Admiral in what's called a 'stand-up' briefing. I was doing the presenting. It was supposed to be 45 minutes.

In 2007 Mitchell began publicly confirming that the briefing had indeed taken place, corroborating what Greer had revealed a decade earlier., , , , , , , , continues<<

Meeting Notes

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 10/27/2019 09:47 AM
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I have always thought that the biggest secret is that we DO NOT have any crashed alien spacecraft. But the propaganda that we do have one and that the Russians and Chinese know that they don't have one gives us an advantage. We know that there are NO alien spacecraft on Earth but we tell the Russians and Chinese, Sorry, our knowledge is so secret that we don't even tell our own guys about it and that leaves them second guessing and spending large sums of money chasing boogey men that don't even exist.

 10/28/2019 05:49 AM
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In regard to "secrets": It is always a bad thing when your adversary learns your "secrets". But, what's worse is when they learn that you actually "do not know" something about something.

Reverse engineering: We've all heard the stories about a "this and that technology thing" that was developed from the captured/crashed "UFO". But now, as on page 13 of the notes, "Said they were trying to understand and exploit technology; their program was going on for years and years with very slow progress" "Agonizingly slow with little or no progress", , , ,.

There are, and have been, those who say that a lot of the material is simply beyond our understanding of nature/physics and, as such, we have not been able to figure out a single thing about them. One report is that it is so mysterious and unknown that the "program" is pulled off the shelf every 7 or so years to see if anybody has any new ideas, and then put back on the shelf after no new progress. !!!!
 10/29/2019 03:12 AM
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Interesting theory somebodeyelse
but I know you are wrong.
Not because of the below,
rather due to an un-shareable personal experience.

That section of Wright Pat is certainly all about exploiting captured technology.
I worked there some in the 80s.
It's declassified now that we were reverse engineering a defected East German latest gen MIG, the radar in my case.

Yes, there was security, I was a civilian, cleared but still had to have an escort all of the time, even go to the head.

But that freaky area 2 hangers down had unreal security.
Rolls of razor wire.
Many dogs.
Towers with 50s.
Many layers of guards.
Special hidden badges.

I started smoking cigs again for a while,
so I could stand outside with the pack
and look at
whatever we wanted it to be.

They would eyeball us hard
if we stared or pointed,
start walking toward us and the fence
weapon ready, eyes with some intensity
we would shuffle away, head down.

Never saw anyone come or go.

"The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end,
there it is."
Sir Winston Churchill
 10/29/2019 06:02 AM
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WG knows.

The one thing that gave my wife some of the worst "PTSD head problems" was the time the "General" gave her the orders to have one of their group TERMINATED! It was not that he was divulging particular secrets, but the mere fact that he told some "civil law enforcement authorities" who he was, who he worked for, and who "they" were. Mrs. Dingpatch would explain that the "bad employee" had revealed himself to be an immediate threat to Critical National Security and, as such, he was "dismissed"!!! Even to say that "the group" existed was a deadly sin. This was 40+ years ago.
 11/01/2019 03:51 AM
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Thanks guys, very interesting reading! I'm a believer....
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