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Topic Title: What's your best karma surf story?
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Created On: 03/07/2019 07:18 AM
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 03/07/2019 07:18 AM
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This goes back a number of years, on a trip to Nosara, Costa Rica long before the crowds filled in the line-up there. I had picked up a tide chart, similar to the ones you find in bait shops here in FLA. Heading to the beach for our first paddle out, I can see from the previous high tide mark in the sand, that the tide chart is way off. We go out anyway with literally no one else in the water. Just our group of four. After that first session I want to go back and see what it looks like at proper high tide. Everyone else passes so I grab my board and go it alone. As I get to the beach, there's a young Tico waxing his shortboard with a piece of wax the size of quarter. I had come prepared with my longboard with a brand new wax job, but had brought lots of wax in case we couldn't find any in Nosara. As I pass him, I take a new half bar of Sticky Bumps out of my baggie's pocket and hand it to him. He smiles but we don't speak. After about an hour of trading waves, just him and me in the water, I see a much larger set wave steaming toward us. Now this thing looks like it's going to peak a good fifty yards farther out. He's farther out than I am, I'm paddling back out after my previous wave. We both put our heads down and paddle like mad men to get into position. I'm catching him but realize he will get to to a perfect left peak before I can. As he turns to take off, he stops and smiles at me. He's gifting the wave of the day to me. I'm so close to him by this time, I have to swing around immediately into a one paddle late take off. I thankfully rode this overhead beauty to the best of my ability, completely stoked by this strangers generosity. Taught me a very valuable lesson I haven't forgotten.
 03/07/2019 11:04 AM
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I have a similar, but, opposite story. I was in CR at a really nice right point break (which I shall not name here). As with most point breaks there was only one prime takeoff setup. I was talking to one of the locals, when I saw a set starting to break way out at the furthest point. "Wow, look at that," says I. He got big bug eyes and took off paddling hard, obviously knowing that this was an indicator set and right where to be for the next one. I was right on his tail, just off to his right and a just a hair behind (sort of next to his legs). We both got there at the same time and whipped around for the takeoff. I was in priority position, and he knew it, but when I saw the look on his face, I said, "You want it?" "Yes!" says he, so I gave it to him. It was the best and biggest wave of the day, a perfect double overhead right. The rest of the day, he and I traded waves, none as good as that, but, better than most everybody else was getting. I always try to make friends with the locals right off the bat - give them the best wave, give them wax, whatever it takes. The payoffs can be huge.
 05/25/2019 04:54 PM
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I was camping in Playa Carmen CR in 01. The wife got bit by one of the microscopic red ants and swelled up like a tick. I took her to the pharmacy and there was a drunken German guy trying to get some relief for the flu. I told the pharmacist and he got him everything he needed. The Kraut's nose was stuffed up so I gave him my Vic nasal douche, and left. @ years later I run into him and he was acting like my best friend. Turned out he was an heir to a Mercedes fortune and gave us a house. He saved the empty Vick. He also introduced us to the "king pin" there who was going to build me a technical school. But God had different plan for me.

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